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What Happened to Airships?

Mankind has dreamed of taking to the sky since classical times. Today, it’s a common sight to see jumbo-liners carrying thousands of people to their destinations. Prior to the fixed wing aircraft becoming the standard for flight, inventors and engineers had thought up many different ways to conquer the skies. One of the most famous was the airship. The airship, at one time, was the pinnacle of luxury and would leave onlookers in awe. It carried passengers (including a gorilla!) across the globe. However, we don’t see them in the sky any longer. What happened to airships?

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What Happened to Lawn Darts?

The 4th of July holiday is upon us. Americans typically celebrate independence day with family BBQ’s, fireworks, sparklers, your favorite drink, and a whole lot of patriotism. During these celebrations, outdoor games such as slip-n-slide, horseshoes, corn hole and infinite amount of others may be played for entertainment. One that we do not see, however, is the game lawn darts (sometime known as Jarts.) It’s a sticky story. What happened to lawn darts?

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What Happened to The Drive-In Movie Theater?


Do you remember the Drive-In? Have you ever watched a movie from back of a station wagon ? Or from the comfort of the seat of your car? If so you’ll know what a unique experience it can be. If not, you might be asking “What the hell?” Well believe it or not, in the past your automobile was a common front row seat for a movie. Reaching it’s Zenith in the 1950’s, the drive-in movie theater was a truly American creation and experience. Since then it’s popularity has declined. What happened to the drive-in theater?

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What Happened to The Whitewall Tire?

From the luxurious and glamorous Dusenbergs of the roaring twenties to the snarling hot rods of today, the one thing they have in common is the type of rubber that keeps them on the road, the whitewall tire. We’ll examine the history of the tire, the rise of the whitewall and the decline. Hope this doesn’t burn you out. What happened to the whitewall tire?

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What Happened to The Milkman?

You’ll find this story Amooosing.

For many people in the United States (and abroad) the milkman is almost an idea of folklore. Mentioning the milkman likely conjures up images of a gentleman in a perfectly pressed and spotless white suit. He jovially leaves his milk truck (or as it is known in the UK, a milk float) and greets the homeowner at the door. He collects the empty milk bottles and hands off fresh cold ones. He tips his hat and is on to the next stop. The generations that remember him are aging and for them he likely rewards one with fond memories of a different time. What happened to the milkman?

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What Happened to Red Pistachios?


Pistachios are a delicious culinary nut that are part of the cashew family. They are commonly ate alone, roasted and salted but are also ate fresh and included in many meals and deserts. Most would describe a pistachio as a beige nut with a green meat. However, this was not always the case. If you are old enough, you might remember big boxes that sat in every produce section of a grocery store. Inside would be a metal scoop and a mountain of red pistachios. What happened to red pistachios? This story is nuts..


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What Happened to The American Chestnut Tree?

It has been over a half century since the American chestnut dominated forests in the Appalachian region. Today, even most of the large, haunting skeletons of the once mighty trees have fallen. If one looks hard enough you may be lucky to find a hidden stump. What happened to the American chestnut tree?

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